Adding Cereal Back Into Your Diet

Cereal is a great breakfast or snack item when you need something hearty to get you through the day.

Unfortunately, many popular cereal brands are full of artificial flavors, processed ingredients, and sugar. Most also lack the nutritional benefits that used to make cereal healthy and delicious. Many health-conscious individuals shy away from cereals now because it can be so hard to find healthy options.

Arrowhead Mills is working hard to bring healthy cereal back! Our cereals are heart-healthy, nutrient-dense, made with healthy and filling fiber, and, of course, yummy! We even have gluten-free options.

Keep reading to learn about why you should add cereal back into your diet, and what makes some cereals stand out.

Benefits of cereal

Depending on the type of cereal, there are many different benefits of fitting it into your diet.

For one, cereal is just so simple. Pour it into a bowl with your favorite milk and it’s the easiest breakfast ever. As many of us know, starting your day off right is crucial to feeling energized and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. A simple breakfast can encourage you to continue the healthy habit.

Cereal can also contribute to a balanced diet. Many healthy cereals are high in fiber, which will help keep you full all morning long. Fiber can also help keep your gut healthy and regular. Soluble fiber is also in our organic cereals and is one of the keys to a healthy heart.

Finally, choosing a healthy bowl of cereal is a low-calorie and low-fat alternative to many other breakfasts, preventing you from feeling weighed down throughout your day.

Getting creative with cereal

Cereal is a classic breakfast meal, but you can eat it even more if you want!

Hot cereal has gained popularity recently, like our Bulgur Wheat Cereal, which goes great with warm milk. Have it on chilly mornings or drop in some cinnamon to create a soothing warm dessert.

Cereal can also be a great snack. Consider using it to make sweet treats more filling and healthy. Our Steel Cut Oats, for instance, go great in desserts. You can even test it out in our Pumpkin Spice Smoothie.  

Our Puffed Rice Cereal is a great alternative ingredient for popular rice crispy treats too. Just look at your favorite recipe and replace the rice crispies with our puffed rice!

Finding the perfect cereal for you

Not every cereal is perfect, but at Arrowhead, we’re helping people everywhere remember just how great cereal can be! We have tons of creative options to meet every taste preference.

Looking for something gluten-free? Check out our Maple Buckwheat Flakes. Likely sweetened and perfectly crunchy, these are a great way to fuel your day.

Want a classic-tasting cereal? Try our Spelt Flakes that have a light and nutty flavor.

Finally, want something new and a bit unique? Our Kamut Cereal is a high-energy ancient grain with a rich flavor and great nutritional benefits.

Check out all of our cereal options today!

About Abby Grifno

Abby is a health and wellness writer based out of Washington, DC. As a teacher, she believes health and knowledge go hand-in-hand with helping individuals make the best decisions for their health goals. Through her fact-based research and writing, Abby strives to make nutrition and wellness engaging, accessible, and fun!

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