Top Organic & Natural Healthy Christmas Recipes

At Arrowhead Mills, we love creating delicious and healthy recipes for every holiday occasion. Our healthy Christmas recipes are designed with you in mind–providing you with nutritious, but delicious ideas that all your friends and family will love. 

At the heart of our work is creating food everyone can enjoy and eat. Not only will our healthy Christmas recipes make your tastebuds dance, but consider baking them with a loved one to get you right into the holiday spirit! 

When you want a breakfast treat

If you’re looking for a breakfast bar that’s easy to meal prep and perfect for busy days preparing for the holidays, look no further than our Oatmeal Breakfast Bar. Packed with protein and fruit, it gives you long-lasting energy–even on your busiest shopping day. 

Want a special breakfast to start your holiday? We’ve got you covered with our delicious Eggnog Donuts. These donuts are just sweet enough to leave you wanting more but are still a health-conscious and all organic holiday treat. 

When you want something decorative

The holidays are a great time to have fun with your baking. You can introduce your little one to cookie cutting and decorating by making our Gingerbread Cookies. These Christmas cookies are made with molasses and honey instead of regular sugar, making them a healthy Christmas recipe with a yummy warming taste. We call that a winner!

If you want a gorgeous dessert centerpiece for your holiday table spread, then take a peek at our pretty and tasty Christmas Tree Cookies. These festive cookies have instructions on how to stack them into a stunning Christmas tree shape, but you can also just snack on them as you wrap presents. 

When you’re tired of pumpkin pie

You loved pumpkin pie in November. But now, you’re looking for something a bit different. Something fun. Something to make your Christmas guests go “Woah.” Well, we have some pies for that. 

If you love the delicious mix of peanut butter and chocolate as much as we do, then you’ll love our Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie.  This pie is served cold and contains the perfect mix of creamy peanut butter and a chocolate pudding-like filling. We also use oatmeal in our crust to give it a delicious crumble. 

Is peanut butter not your thing? That’s okay, we have plenty of other options too. Our Gluten-Free Cheesecake Pie is also deliciously creamy and gluten-free! You can add peanut butter into the filling, or sub with a banana. Either way, it’s sure to be a game-changer this holiday season. 

When you need a last-minute gift

cookie mix jar

Make baking a bit easier on your friends and family with a thoughtful and easy-to-make gift. Make your own cookie mix in a jar with our allergy-friendly and customizable Chocolate Chip Cookie Jar Mix recipe – you can make it gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy free. Your loved ones will thank you for giving them homemade and organic goodness without the stress of making it. 

Explore Our Full Dessert Recipe Collection!

Visit Arrowhead Mills to discover a delightful array of dessert recipes, from breads to muffins to donuts, and more. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect treat for your entire family. Get your oven mitts ready, and let the festive baking begin! 

Indulge in the joy of healthy Christmas recipes by baking with Arrowhead Mills. Explore our collection now for a season filled with wholesome and delicious moments. Happy baking!

About Abby Grifno

Abby is a health and wellness writer based out of Washington, DC. As a teacher, she believes health and knowledge go hand-in-hand with helping individuals make the best decisions for their health goals. Through her fact-based research and writing, Abby strives to make nutrition and wellness engaging, accessible, and fun!

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