Buttermilk Pudding

Buttermilk Pudding

Servings1 loaf
Prep Time30 minutes
Chill Time8 hours



  • Follow directions for pancake mixture to make nine 4-inch pancakes and set aside.
  • Line loaf pan with plastic wrap, leaving side long enough to completely wrap finished pudding.
  • In a non-reactive saucepan warm all berries and sugar, cook until the berries break down and release their juices. Remove from heat and allow to cool a bit before adding the liqueur. You lose some of the flavor when adding to hot temperatures. Stir in Kirsch and cassis.
  • Line the loaf pan with 3 pancakes. Trim as necessary.
  • Pour a third of the mixture with the juice over the pancakes and spread evenly.
  • Layer again with pancakes and repeat with berries mixture.
  • Repeat pancakes one more time and cover with remaining berries and extra juices.
  • Pull plastic wrap tight around pudding and place a moderately heavy object such as three cans of tomatoes or whatever you have in the pantry, making sure the cans don’t invert. Refrigerate over night.
  • Remove the plastic wrap and turn out on to platter.
  • Remove the rest of the plastic wrap and slice pudding, serve with sweetened whipped cream.
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