Recipe inspiration featuring buckwheat flour

Despite its name, buckwheat flour is not related to wheat and is in fact gluten free. This is important for those monitoring gluten in their diet and individuals with gluten sensitivities and allergies. Buckwheat flour is a rich source of fiber and protein, and also provides an array of B vitamins. This composition makes buckwheat flour more nutritious than other flours and, luckily it is quite versatile in its use.

Baking swap

Before we get to some of the unique recipes containing buckwheat flour, it is important to note you can easily use it to replace wheat flour in your baking. Recommendations state you can replace about 25% of the wheat flour in your recipe for buckwheat while still maintaining a similar texture. Whether making your favorite chocolate chip cookies, homemade biscuits, pancakes, or bread, try swapping some wheat flour for buckwheat to add some variety to the nutrient profile of your baked goods.

Soba noodles

One of the more unique applications of buckwheat flour is in the making of soba noodles. Often a staple in Asian noodle dishes, soba noodles are healthier than other popular noodles, like ramen, and are often gluten free because of their buckwheat-base. Because buckwheat also contains protein, soba noodles are higher in protein than other noodle options, making them great for those who eat vegetarian dishes. After making homemade soba noodles, combine them with broth and veggies of choice, and add a protein for a more well-rounded meal.


Another unique recipe that can be made with buckwheat flour is crepes. These French-style pancakes are known for their extreme thinness and ability to be enjoyed with sweet or savory ingredients. There are so many recipes available for making crepes, and the ingredients you add inside are truly endless. Another reason to make b crepes: they freeze well. Make a large batch of crepes, and once they cool, lay them flat between layers of parchment paper before freezing. When you’re ready, simply place the frozen crepe in a pan, add your ingredients of choice, and heat to your desired temperate. A simple preparation that is easy to prepare in bulk for future meals!

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