10 Health Benefits of Buckwheat

If you’re looking for a delicious gluten-free grain, look no further than Arrowhead Mills Organic Buckwheat. Buckwheat is a wonderful substitute for many grains, and provides a rich, nutty flavor while packing a nutritious punch.

Despite what its name suggests, buckwheat is not a cereal or a wheat product. It is a fruit seed that comes from the buckwheat plant, however it is used like a grain because it is rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber.

Arrowhead Mills Organic Buckwheat Flour

Here are some of the amazing health benefits of buckwheat.

Blood Sugar Control

In research, there is evidence that buckwheat can help lower blood sugar levels because it’s so rich in magnesium, fiber, and D-chiro-inositol. D-chiro-inositol is a variant of the B vitamin inositol that promotes healthy glucose levels.

Heart Healthy

Studies on buckwheat suggest that an increased intake of buckwheat could lower risk factors of cardiovascular disease including glucose, total cholesterol and triglycerides. 

Prevents Cancer

The main antioxidant polyphenol in buckwheat is rutin, which may lower your risk of cancer and improve inflammation and blood pressure.

Rich in Protein

Buckwheat is a great source of plant-based protein with 3g of protein per ½-cup serving. Adequate protein helps with weight management, blood sugar balance, and so much more.

Improves Digestion 

Buckwheat is rich in fiber, which can aid digestion and prevent constipation. Fiber helps improve digestive function by allowing you to have regular bowel movements. 

Gluten Free

Since buckwheat is a pseudocereal, it is naturally gluten-free and makes a great option for those with celiac or those who follow a gluten-free diet.

Aids in Weight Loss

Consuming enough fiber is essential for successful weight loss. Buckwheat is rich in fiber, ​​especially insoluble fiber, which leads to greater satiety with fewer calories.

Supports a Healthy Blood Pressure

Eating buckwheat is associated with lower blood pressure levels and serum cholesterol levels. The flavonoids rutin and quercetin help maintain healthy blood flow, an important part in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

Iron-Rich Food Source

Buckwheat is a great source of Iron, which is required to carry oxygen and other nutrients to all parts of the body.

Increases Energy

Since buckwheat’s is a rich source of magnesium and iron, it can help improve energy levels.

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About Emily Cornelius

Emily is a Registered Dietitian with over 9 years of experience. Through her own previous struggle with hormone imbalance, she’s researched and learned about the significant benefits of whole grains, legumes, and flaxseed. Now, with a renewed and personal understanding of nutrition, she’s hoping to educate and give hope to others who may be facing health struggles.

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