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cookie cutter imprint of the state of texas in dough, where the founder of arrowhead mills, Frank Ford, is from.

Naturally Delicious Ingredients Since 1960

For generations, we have led the organic baking industry with one mission: eating well should be easy. The founder of Arrowhead Mills, Frank Ford, was a Texan pioneer in organic farming and believed that pesticides and herbicides polluted the simple goodness of ingredients made from nature, so he set out to farm organically grown corn and wheat. He ground his harvest into flour using a stone mill and delivered it to local stores from the back of his pick-up truck.

Since our early beginnings, we have expanded our product line while maintaining the integrity of the mission that set us down this path. Arrowhead Mills now offers USDA certified organic flours, beans, grains, seeds, gluten free products, pancake and waffle mixes, and hot and cold cereals to keep you fueled from sunrise to sunset. We are heart-centered and put nutritional and environmental standards first, so you can have confidence in the food you put on your plate. Figuring out what works for your body is empowering, but getting there can be challenging. Since 1960, Arrowhead Mills has inspired, educated, and supported millions to live well-balanced lifestyles. We make eating well easy with a wide variety of essential foods that fuel your day deliciously and educational tools to support your baking journey. Nurturing the organic movement while nourishing strong and able bodies, Arrowhead Mills is your guide to a life well lived.

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