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What’s So Good About Organic?

Some research suggests that organic foods may have higher levels of antioxidant vitamins than their conventional counterparts—for example, organic strawberries contain more vitamin C than those that are conventionally grown. Organic foods may also have higher levels of minerals and phytonutrients—those nutrients that promote health, though more research is needed to affirm the nutritional value of organic versus conventional products. Scientific studies also show that eating organic foods may lower the levels of potentially harmful pesticides in your body. At Arrowhead Mills, the way we see it is that when you take out all those synthetic chemicals, there’s just more room left for natural goodness.

But the human health benefits of organic food production paint only half of the picture. The health benefits for the environment make up the balance. Organic farming methods help block toxic chemicals from entering groundwater and rivers, keeping these chemicals from showing up in our drinking water. Organic farming also reduces topsoil erosion because farmers use such practices as crop rotation. In addition, organic agriculture reduces non-renewable energy use by decreasing agrochemical needs. At the same time, organic farming inhibits the development of resistant strains of insects and pests and prevents the buildup of synthetic chemicals that would otherwise remain in the environment, putting our wildlife—and our families—at risk for decades to come. Organic farming methods also offer health benefits for farm workers by reducing their exposure to potentially harmful herbicides and pesticides.

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Eat well to live well. Look for the USDA Certified Organic label on Arrowhead Mills products.

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