Top 3 Reasons You Should be Eating Flaxseed Every Day

Flaxseed has been around for centuries. Furthermore–scientifically; there’s evidence it can help to lower your blood pressure, risk of certain cancers, diabetes, heart disease… the list goes on! Let’s dive into all the top reasons why you should add this plant-based superfood into your daily diet.

Reason 1: Flaxseed is a good source of fiber

Flaxseed contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. Each of these are incredibly important for gut health and maintaining a healthy immune system. The soluble fiber draws water into your gut and helps to soften your stools & support regular bowel movements while the insoluble fiber adds bulk! It’s pretty awesome that flaxseed contains both types of fiber– making it perfect to supplement with daily. Kill two birds with one stone.

Reason 2: Flaxseeds are a source of antioxidants

Additionally, flaxseeds contain a multitude of cancer-fighting nutrients such as omega-3s, protein, fiber and B vitamins. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are especially important to eat because they help to fight inflammation. They promote brain & eye health and there is evidence they help to fight depression and anxiety. Talk about an all-in-one superfood!

Reason 3: Flaxseeds help our gut health

Flaxseed is commonly used for optimizing digestion, gut health, and constipation due to its high
fiber content. It can also help your metabolic health and aid in weight loss. Make sure to
increase your water intake–if you don’t drink enough water, your body won’t be able to digest
the excess fiber which can result in constipation and stomach cramps.

With all their health benefits, you’d be crazy not to add flaxseeds into your daily diet! Adding four tablespoons of flaxseed has been shown to aid in digestion, weight loss and all of the other great benefits we’ve just discussed… So what are you waiting for?

Here are 3 ways to add flaxseed into foods you already eat!

  • Smoothies: blend them into your morning smoothies to break them down so they’re digestible. Pair with some blueberries for even more health benefits!
  • Yogurt & Oatmeal: adding seeds to plain Greek yogurt can help you feel full for hours. It can be a staple weight-loss snack in your household. Oatmeal also contains complex carbohydrates. Paired with something as fibrous as flaxseed, this will also ensure satiety for a good part of your day!
  • Bread: we love a good loaf, but especially if there’s some healthy seeds like flaxseed or sunflower seeds. In our modern world, carbohydrates are deemed a “bad food”, but this is simply not true. The carbs you want to add to your protein-dense meals are what are called complex carbohydrates. They are healthy whole grains that take longer to break down, making it less likely to spike your blood sugar.

With all of this information, we hope you add Arrowhead Mills Organic Flax Seeds to as many meals as you can. Reap the benefits & feel good every day!

About Corinne Quesnel

Corinne is a Vancouver-based writer and home-baker with a passion for the cooking process. She believes that cooking and baking should be an engaging and fulfilling practice, not just another chore. Through writing about healthy and flavorsome meals, Corinne hopes to inspire others to cherish their time in the kitchen as an adventure in creativity and well-being.

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