Healthy Holiday Recipe Ideas

Do you often celebrate the holidays with a big, sore belly that is too full to comprehend? In this post, you will find many tips and tricks for hosting healthier-than-usual holiday festivities to spare you a stomach ache. There are plenty of fantastic ways to make this year’s family gathering on the healthier side–better for your health and easier on the tummy!

Prepare veggie dishes

To start, focus on preparing a number of nutrient-dense vegetable dishes plays a huge role in keeping satiated. These are called “volume” foods as you can eat them in high quantities while sparing the calories.

Here are some side dish ideas that range from roasted vegetables to salads and more:

  • Balsamic-glazed root vegetables
  • Roasted Brussel sprouts with Parmesan cheese
  • Air-fryer green beans
  • Carrot and apple salad
  • Crispy air fryer potatoes
  • Simple roasted butternut squash soup
  • Quinoa stuffed squash
  • Greek yogurt potato salad

Prioritize proteins

In addition to loading up on vegetables and more volume-based foods; protein is the biggest factor in satiety. Your big Thanksgiving bird doesn’t have to be the only protein on the table. A roast, a shrimp cocktail, leg of lamb, cranberry meatballs, and deviled eggs are only some of the great protein-filled foods that everyone will benefit from eating.

Find the fiber

To finish, adding more fiber and complex carbohydrates is also a major key factor in how full you feel. The more fiber, the longer and slower it takes for you to digest. You’ll then be less likely to overeat and indulge too much on the lesser nutrient-dense foods.

Here are some dishes that are high in fiber:

  • Lentil & pomegranate salad stuffed sweet potatoes
  • Zucchini-lentil fritters with a lemon garlic aioli
  • Lentil & chickpea Wellington
  • Homemade hummus with crudité

Save room for dessert

With all of these delicious and inviting recipes, we can’t forget the best part of any holiday meal… dessert! These next few recipe ideas are all either made with lower sugar, added fiber from higher fiber flours & flaxseed, perhaps there’s added greek yogurt as well!

  • Mini greek yogurt cheesecakes
  • Flaxseed pumpkin bread with a cream cheese frosting
  • No refined sugar pumpkin parfaits
  • Healthy apple crisp
  • Chocolate covered chickpea clusters

While your entire holiday can consist of healthier options, if you decide to spend the day eating well and saving room in your belly for the best homemade desserts, we won’t judge! That’s the best part after all.

About Corinne Quesnel

Corinne is a Vancouver-based writer and home-baker with a passion for the cooking process. She believes that cooking and baking should be an engaging and fulfilling practice, not just another chore. Through writing about healthy and flavorsome meals, Corinne hopes to inspire others to cherish their time in the kitchen as an adventure in creativity and well-being.

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