Our Standards

Environmental Committment

Locally Sourced Call us locavores—we are unabashedly passionate about locally grown food—and for good reason.  It’s as fresh as you can get, because it’s close.  It tastes better, because it’s been allowed to ripen naturally.  And it’s easy on the environment, because it travels fewer miles to its destination, helping to limit pollution, lower harmful greenhouse gases and improve air quality.  Even better, purchasing locally grown foods is a socially responsible choice because it’s good for the local economy and promotes responsible long-term land development. 

Arrowhead Mills relies largely on local sourcing: 45% of our ingredients come from within 250 miles of our Hereford, Texas plant and 80% come from North America. Our protein-rich Hard Red Winter Wheat is grown on farms within 100 miles of our headquarters in Hereford, Texas.  Our corn is another local product, and we make every effort to purchase our other ingredients directly from local growers.  In addition, all of Arrowhead Mills’ organic ingredients are grown on certified organic land, and all of our growers are proven organic farmers with at least 10 years experience.  Our farmers use all organic fertilizers, such as composted manure, which is not only free of pathogens, but also richly beneficial to the earth.  Most of our farmers also use a highly efficient center-pivot irrigation system, which helps to conserve water.  All of which proves that Arrowhead Mills shares the socially responsible values of our customers.  Local.  Organic.  Pure.  Wholesome. Oh, and of course our products are mighty tasty, too!